Welcome. Thanks for stopping in.

I am a painter & musician living in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.

Visit the site menu to view my original artwork, prints, stationary, & to hear my music. If you're here on your mobile, go to "Music & Artwork" to view separate galleries containing an array of exhibitions, series, & past work.

I try to keep most of my available work up-to-date on this site. If you see something that isn't for sale or have any questions, I welcome you to e-mail me at hannahseng86@gmail.com so we can discuss commissions, collaborations, or what have you.

In my NEWS page you will find upcoming art & music shows as well as thoughts on creative process. Please, be nosy. Snoop around. Get to know me.

This website is under constant construction as I am constantly creating something & trying to find ways to connect to others. Please leave me some feedback regarding the work, the music, the website, the weather... I'd love to get to know you.

For a peak into my daily creative process, follow me on Instagram at HannahSengArt.

Hannah Seng