Welcome. Thanks for stopping in.

You can now purchase my artwork on Etsy by visiting my page HannahSengArt. Sorry for the current state of disarray on my site, as some artwork is available for purchase here, while other work is through Etsy. I am currently building a new website with better navigation, shipping policies, & news updates. Visit my NEWS page for more details.

Visit the site menu to view images of my original artwork, prints, stationary, & to hear my music. If you're here on your mobile, go to "Music & Artwork" to view separate galleries containing an array of exhibitions, series, & past work.

In my NEWS page you will find upcoming art & music shows as well as thoughts on creative process. Please, be nosy. Snoop around. Get to know me.

For a peak into my daily creative process, follow me on Instagram at HannahSengArt.