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High Scattered Song
High Scattered Song
acrylic on canvas
12 x 12"

This original oil painting is on a 1.5" deep gallery canvas, & comes unframed, but ready to hang.

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This painting was part of an online exhibit at Lark & Key Gallery called Lyrical. It is inspired by the poem "Goldfinch" from the book The Lost Spells, by Robert Macfarlane and Jackie Morris. The poem has been adapted into the song "Charm On, Goldfinch" by the Spell Songs ensemble. While the poem and song both refer to the European goldfinch with its red head, I am familiar with the yellow goldfinch of the Americas, and so that is who I painted. They indeed gild the land for free.

"Goldfinch" poem:
God knows the world needs all
the good it can get right now -

Out in the gardens and fields,
Goldfinches are gilding the land for free,

Leaving little gifts of light:
a gleam for the teasel,
a glint for the tree.

Did you hear their high scattered song,
their bright wings' flitter,

Falling around you as flecks,
as grains, as glitter?

Imagine the loss of their lustre,
the lack of their sheen:

No more shimmer,
a worrying absence of gilt.

Charm on, Goldfinch, charm on -

Heaven help us when
all your gold is gone.

"Charm On, Goldfinch" lyrics:
all along the bay
where the old railway
used to lie
you can find

a martyr in a marsh
it’s a path we take
Goldfinch in its wake
gilds with grace

Spring tide high
red head you fly
in and out of sight
little gifts of light

tracks forever change
and the season fades
goodbye to the Sun
goodbye golden one

charm on Goldfinch, charm on
heaven help us
when is all your gold is gone

charm on Goldfinch, charm on
heaven help us
when all your gold is gone