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Hairy Fiddle Stationary - Set of 4
Hairy Fiddle Stationary - Set of 4
printed pen & ink drawings
4 x 6"

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These drawings came out of a desire to connect my artwork to the fiddle, an instrument I began playing at the age of thirteen. I had already drawn one or two fiddles, filled them with watercolors, & was quickly uninterested in recreating the same detailed image over & over. At the time I was studying the work of illustrator Teagan White, & I remembered seeing her braided typography, so I thought to test out making a fiddle of braids. The braid proved to be more difficult to draw than I had anticipated, however, & I had to work a few out in my sketchbook before I felt ready to commit one to a fiddle. When the fiddle was drawn, I liked it enough. Still, I knew I could do better, so I drew a second one. That one came out alright, too, but.

I started looking up braids on Pinterest. What a rabbit hole that became. Each image of a woman fanning her hair out, turning her head so only her profile was visible, or maybe a sliver of her cheek peeking from behind her tangle of flowing braids & folds of pinned hair put me in deeper touch with how I see myself as a women. What fun it then became to explore a multitude of braids & bridal up-dos & turn them into fiddles. I added flowers & let the salty wind of the sea give them rough curls.

I'd love to move on to a series of "portraits," putting into fiddles the braided & pinned hair of my friends & family, & give them more personal names than "Hairy Fiddle 3," like "Orlean" or "Eleanor's Revenge."

This is a set. Cards are not sold individually.

A set of four folded cards measuring 4 x 6". Each card comes with a blank white envelope.
Each card is printed separately with a unique original pen drawing of a hairy fiddle.
Each card is sealed in a clear plastic sleeve & the stationary set will be shipped in a cardboard envelope for protection.
I ship USPS Priority mail, & packages are sent out 1-3 business days from day of purchase.
This stationary ships internationally.
If the stationary arrives in damaged condition (includes water damage, rips, or creases), I will happily exchange the stationary for a similar set of cards or piece of equal value. Buyer pays return shipping.
If you are at all unsatisfied with your purchase, please don't hesitate to return it within 7 days of your purchase for a full refund.
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